Stop Snoring

Stop Snoring
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Anti Snore Pillow OR Stop Snoring Mouthpiece? You Decide

When it comes to stop snoring devices and snoring aids, there are pro's and con's of using most of them.  There is also no clear winner between using either an anti snore pillow or a stop snoring mouthpiece.  In this article, we will look at both of these anti snoring products and examine the advantages and disadvantages of using either one.

The Anti Snore Pillow

These anti snoring pillows came about in order to help the large number of people who snore on their backs. By producing a pillow with the right materials, the head and neck are supported properly and in such a way that allows maximum airflow through the airways.

Keeping the snorer in a side sleeping position is a key feature of most of these pillows however there are some pillows now which enables the snorer to sleep naturally, both on the back and in a side sleeping position.

Advantages of the anti snore pillow
It is simple to use with nothing to do only to take off the wrapper.  There are one or two brands that have an air chamber in the center which allow for height adjustment and need to be filled.
Offers a fast remedy for snoring - reports are good about the effectivness of this kind of pillow for reducing the amount of snoring.
Because they are theraputically designed, they help relieve tension caused by headaches and migraine as well as ease tension and aches in the neck and shoulders.
Disadvantages of the anti snore pillow

While they are effective at reducing snoring - the numbers who have completely stopped snoring using only this snoring aid appear to be small.
They do not tackle the root cause of snoring, when you stop using the pillow, the chances are that your snoring will return as bad as it ever was unless you have made other adjustments in your life such as losing weight, avoiding alcohol before bed and quitting smoking to name a few.
The Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

There are different types of snoring mouthpieces available now however essentially their main aim is similar to the anti snore pillow which is to prevent the throat structures and tongue from falling back into the throat and blocking up the airways.  Some mouthpieces are geared towards stabalizing the tongue while some are more geared to holding the jaw in a slightly forward position.  Some are also designed to help with sleep apnea which around 50% of snorers have and can be a very serious condition.

Advantages of The Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Once you persevere and take the time to get used to having a device in your mouth all night, they can give good results and can help to stop snoring.
Disadvantages of The Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Getting the right fit can be difficult.  Follow the instructions correctly to ensure correct fitting.  If the fit is not right it will probably not work properly and you will not get the best result.
They can be uncomfortable and take a little bit of getting used to.  Jaws and teeth are quite often sore for a few days.
Custom fitted mouthguards can be an expensive option unless you have sleep apnea.  Some of the snoring mouthpieces offered online work well.

It really is a personal choice deciding what snoring solution appeals to you most.

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